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Maybe you want to do a deep dive in one weekend, or spend a month focusing on your healing.  This enables you to do as much or as little as you like, without waiting for all of the episodes to be released.

Know what you're getting

See a summary of that episode's topic so you can accurately gauge if you have the mental space and emotional bandwidth to go there on any given day. Bonus tips and insights not included in the podcast. 

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Get extra suggestions on best ways to digest this material so you have the capacity to transform your life using it. You will also be given priority for any round of the Guided Journey through your Shit Show course, starting in May!

What's Included in Season One?

The material is invaluable, truly life changing, the fruit of a life-long pursuit. The perk of getting it here is your ability to make it work for you!

  • Understanding of how this approach differs from what is commonly seen in the therapeutic industry.
  • Understandable depiction of how we got so wounded and how we heal.
  • Specific instruction of how to work with individual challenging emotions.
  • An intimate memoir narrative of the tragic experience that initiated Rachel onto the healer’s journey starting at when she was just 12.
  • 4 unscripted mini therapy sessions
  • Excerpts of six hours of client interviews on the power of this healing work.
  • 13 amazing poop stories.
  • Tons of insight, heart opening wisdom, silliness and fun!

Cost of making was $6,300.  Valued at invaluable ;) or $$360.  Offered at $247

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